8th Annual STEM Student Celebration

If you want to feel inspired about our future, then come to the Old Hickory Golf Club at 7:30 a.m. on March 3.  You will see and hear about 18 of our brightest high school students.  All of these students are high achievers in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math academics, extra-curricular activities and community service projects.

county-well-beingOne student, Joe C., spent the vast majority of his summer studying and conducting research on “Aerodynamic Analysis of a Polysonic 5-hole Probe Under Subsonic Conditions.” Joe conducted his research under the tutelage of Dr. Mark McQuilling, from Saint Louis University.  It’s Joe’s insatiable thirst for knowledge that has truly set him apart.

Another Student, Ally, is currently working on a solution to help farmers measure the amount of grain in their grain bins.  The traditional way to measure is for the farmer to climb a ladder and tap on the side so they can determine the height of the grain in the bin.  Ally did some research and found that this is not only somewhat inaccurate, but also quite dangerous.  There are many documented cases of injuries and even death when a farmer fell off a ladder trying to determine how much grain they had.  Ally has explored numerous ways to accomplish this task including using sonar, but has currently settled on a simple design that will allow the farmer to safely use a measuring tape from ground level that will eliminate many technological glitches.  Ally’s intelligence, creativity, determination and hard work are all making the solution to this problem a reality.

Our Partners Education Committee, championed by Randy Schilling, will again donate Robotics Kits to the 18 elementary schools that launched these honored students, further fulfilling our goal of expanding technology education to all levels of our county’s schools.  Our future is in good hands.  Come be inspired.