Improving Our County’s Well-Being

You have heard about the Partners’ initiative to bring a transformative population health initiative to our county.  After conducting an in-depth study of our population’s interests and priorities, talking with hundreds of our citizens, companies and health advocates, it was determined that we are well positioned to implement a county-wide health initiative.  The preferred program was determined initially to be the Blue Zones Project; a national program founded by National Geographic and supported by the Gallup research company.  county-well-being2The BZP team presented to our business and health leaders a proposal to implement their program over a six-year period.  The cost: $10 Million.

The BZP task force of the Partners Health Committee, championed by Lisle Wescott, has worked hard to successfully secure pledges in the amount of $2.5 Million.  With this amount, the committee is reviewing alternative options.  One such option is a hybrid model of the BZP model, for a lower cost.  Another, is to determine how the health systems, along with corporate and business leaders, can implement our own health & well-being program.  Much is yet to be considered and determined before a conclusive direction is set.  If you are interested in learning more about how your company can participate in this transformative initiative, contact Lisle, Greg or Martha at the EDC.  Stay posted to future issues of the IMPACT, for updates on this primary goal of the Health Committee.