About EDC

Who We Are

EDC Business and Community Partners helps foster the growth of business in St. Charles County.  From Small Business Consulting and Financing as well as Business Attraction & Retention programs we have remained a trusted resource and economic catalyst in St. Charles County since 1990.

General Inquiries
E-mail: info@edcscc.com   |   Phone: 636.441.6880   |   Fax: 636.441.6881

EDC Staff Members

Interim CEO Craig Frahm cfrahm@edcscc.com 636.229.5285
CFO & Incubator Manager Craig Frahm cfrahm@edcscc.com 636.229.5285
Events & Race Director Amanda Schaub aschaub@edcscc.com 636.229.5286
Executive Administrative Assistant Amy Gordon agordon@edcscc.com 636.441.6880
Marketing Coordinator Heidi Stobart hstobart@edcscc.com 636.441.6880


Small Business Finance

Sr. Vice President Mark Diliberto mdiliberto@edcscc.com 636.229.5279
Assistant Vice President Jeremy Fettig JFettig@edcscc.com 636.229.5685
Closing Officer Debbie Wissmann dwissmann@edcscc.com 636.229.5280
Assistant VP – Servicing Steve Callow scallow@edcscc.com 636.229.5686


Small Business Development Center

Director Justin Schulz jschulz@edcscc.com
Director Chrstine Zika czika@edcscc.com


Community Strong

Executive Director Carissa Figgins cfiggins@edcscc.com
Communications Specialist Jeremy Adams jadams@edcscc.com
Project Coordinator Thomas Redd tredd@edcscc.com