About EDC

Who We Are

EDC Business and Community Partners helps foster the growth of business in St. Charles County. Through our Startup Assistance, Small Business Finance and Business Attraction & Retention programs we have remained a trusted resource and economic catalyst in St. Charles County since 1990.

General Inquiries
E-mail: info@edcscc.com   |   Phone: 636.441.6880   |   Fax: 636.441.6881

EDC Staff Members

President & CEO Greg Prestemon gprestemon@edcscc.com 636.229.5281
CFO & Incubator Manager Craig Frahm cfrahm@edcscc.com 636.229.5285
VP Entrepreneurship & Marketing Dustin McKissen dmckissen@edcscc.com 636.229.5275
Business Development Director Christine Zika czika@edcscc.com 636.229.5277
Strategic Initiatives Director Martha Kampen mkampen@edcscc.com 636.229.5284
OPO Startups Community Manager Megan McKissen meganm@opostartups.com 314.328.4656
Race/Event Director Amanda Schaub aschaub@edcscc.com 636.229.5286
Marketing Coordinator Allix Beckmann abeckmann@edcscc.com 636.229.5282
Executive Administrative Assistant Amy Gordon agordon@edcscc.com 636.441.6880
Receptionist Heidi Stobart hstobart@edcscc.com 636.441.6880

Small Business Finance

Sr. VP – EDC Small Business Finance Mark Diliberto mdiliberto@edcscc.com 636.229.5279
Credit Analyst – EDC Small Business Finance Jeremy Fettig JFettig@edcscc.com 636.229.5685
Closing Officer Debbie Wissmann dwissmann@edcscc.com 636.229.5280
Assistant VP – Servicing Steve Callow scallow@edcscc.com 636.229.5686


Small Business Development Center

Director Justin Schulz jschulz@edcscc.com