Business Targets

Local entrepreneurs, global companies, and businesses of all sizes make up the nearly 10,000 businesses and organizations growing in St. Charles County, Missouri.


At the same time, EDC Business and Community Partners has identified several business clusters that are blooming in the community and others that have strong potential to take root and succeed because of the highly skilled workforce and available business infrastructure in the region.

These targeted business clusters include:

  • Data Centers
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Headquarters/Back Office

The potential for these clusters is shown by the success of the Missouri Research Park, the operation of eight data centers along St. Charles County’s I-64/Highway 40 corridor, the growth in hospital and medical service opportunities in the area, the impact of the EDC’s small business incubator, the growing export trends from companies in St. Charles County, and the continued impact of companies such as Citi, MasterCard Worldwide, Fireman’s Fund, MEMC Electronic Materials, Boeing, LMI Aerospace, Novus, Millipore and General Motors, among others.

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