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Covering more than 561-square-miles, St. Charles County is one of the largest counties in the State of Missouri and has been the fastest growing part of metropolitan St. Louis for more than
20 years.

As a collar county, our community offers unparalleled opportunities for business expansion and relocation because of extensive access to labor markets, the interstate highway system, close proximity to Lambert St. Louis International Airport and Spirit of St. Louis Airport, and our situation at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

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As the third largest economy (PDF) in Missouri, St. Charles County has proven itself to be a dynamic and attractive community home for businesses ranging from global companies to local entrepreneurs.

Crucial to the area’s success are business-friendly principles such as low tax rates, competitive operating costs, highly skilled available workforce, proximity to important markets, first-rate infrastructure, low cost-of-living, and abundant community amenities.

For decades, this award-winning county in metropolitan St. Louis has been investing community capital in fostering excellence in public and higher education, creating more than 23,000 acres of public parkland and other recreational and cultural facilities, and building nearly $500 million in local transportation infrastructure improvements.

From helping existing firms and startups thrive and grow, to assisting new businesses considering an investment in the area, St. Charles County in close cooperation with regional and state organizations is ready and willing to work for your success in the local community!