ACT Work Ready Communities – A Goal Worth Reaching

What is an ACT® Work Ready Community?

A 20-something year old father of two children was working in a convenient store in St. Charles County.  He and his wife were unable to pay bills and couldn’t see another path.

He learned about the Work Keys Assessment and how it could help him show local employers what applied skills he has since he did not have any formal higher education.  After taking the assessment and earning an National Career Readiness Certificate, he visited the St. Charles County Career Center  where they helped him build a resume and guided him towards open manufacturing positions.

This father of two now has a job in manufacturing and an income that can pay their bills and live more comfortably and the manufacturing company has one less open position.

ACT Work Ready Communities (WRC) empowers states, regions and counties with data, process and tools that drive economic growth. Participants are leveraging the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC™)to measure and close the skills gap — and building common frameworks that link, align and match their workforce development efforts.

St. Charles County believes that this program is vital for translating current skills into career paths.  To find out more about how we rank, visit ACT Work Ready.

If you are a St. Charles County business that is interested in learning more about how you can use this tool, please call Christine Zika at 636-229-5277.