CHALLENGE 2017 | May 9th
Lindenwood University | Scheidegger Center


11:00am – Noon

*Morning Breakout Sessions | 9:00am – 10:30am
*Afternoon Breakout Sessions | Noon – 1:30pm
*Interactive Breakouts Optional

 Main Session St. Charles County continues to be one of the best.
Our community’s strong economy and quality of place has made St. Charles County an exceptional place to live, work, play and build a business. To continue to thrive, we must challenge ourselves to grow and innovate to keep and attract a talented workforce. The EDC’s Annual Conference will spark ideas and a conversation that will change the future of St. Charles County.
Challenge: Business Breakout People & Tools: Building strong businesses means utilizing creative strategies for employees, startups, and small businesses. Our county can become work ready and transition our high school students into the workforce through a school and business partnership, while utilizing programs and local tools to make our businesses stronger and more profitable. What is your role? How can you support this mission as a resident, community leader, business owner?
Challenge: Community
Places & Innovations: Building a thriving community means staying current with trends and providing what our residents want and need. Revitalizing areas of our county to attract Millennials and Boomers, to remain a player in the startup ecosystem in St. Louis and set standards for entrepreneurs and expectations for incubators. How can you support this mission?

Please select which optional breakout sessions you would like to attend:
Morning Breakout Sessions | 9:00am - 10:30am | Coffee & Pastries Included (select one)
Challenge: BusinessChallenge: Communitynone

Afternoon Breakout Sessions | Noon - 1:30pm | Lunch Included (select one)
Challenge: BusinessChallenge: Communitynone