Digging Up a Profitable Future

Digging Up a Profitable Future


Housed within the EDC Business and Community Partners (EDC) is the Small Business Technology & Development Center (SBTDC), a partnership between the EDC and the University of Missouri Extension.  The SBTDC helps businesses in every stage:  from concept to startup, growth to renewal, and mature to succession.  So far in 2017, the EDC office provided 350 free business counseling sessions with local entrepreneurs.

Here’s one of their stories:

A client came in who had the opportunity to start a sand and gravel mining company.  Their family had experience in the industry, but they exhausted their mine of resources years prior.

They prospected and and found a new location.  The clients had an extensive background in the operation and quite a bit of knowledge of the industry.  But didn’t understand how to put it in a format a bank would comprehend or feel comfortable with funding.

We worked with them on their business plan and their financial modeling which resulted in a 7a loan approval.

They are now in the process of purchasing equipment and starting operations.


If you need business counseling, which is always free, contact us today!