Don’t be like Nick Fury

Heidi Stobart, Marketing Coordinator

Based on the 289 million views that the Avengers: Endgame trailer got in 24 hours, I’m not the only one anticipating the climactic movie coming out this weekend. Admittedly, I’m a comic book nerd who not only watches every superhero movie that comes out but also knows the backstories. However, without fail at some point during all the explosions and one-liners, I give an inward eye roll.

One of those eye rolls is going to be around the most recent storyline (spoiler alert) that Nick Fury had a pager to reach Captain Marvel all these years but waited to reveal that until half of the Avengers had disintegrated thanks to Thanos’ 5 stoned finger snap. If Captain Marvel is as big and bad as they’re making her, she really should have been around much sooner (like maybe when Thanos found the 3rd or 4th stone?). Protecting and saving the entire world is a tough gig even for the tough guys. It really makes sense to just pick up the super pager and make an inter-galactic call.

Running a business is a tough gig. You may not have flying aliens and shape-shifting gods, but things like market research and financial projections are no picnic either. So, when someone hands you the phone number for business counselors who have all the knowledge and resources to combat the antagonists in your story, pick up the pager (or iPhone). You have SBA-funded allies to fight alongside you – don’t wait until things are falling to pieces around you to call them. You’re smarter than Nick Fury.


Page Justin or Christine.


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