EDC Partners’ Economy Committee promotes and fosters economic and community growth in St. Charles County.

Established in 1990 as a public-private initiative, EDC Partners is renowned for providing business financing, operating an award-winning small business incubator facility, assisting with business recruitment and retention, regional marketing, and offering business counseling and training. The leadership of EDC Partners has long recognized the work of EDC Partners contributes directly to their mutual vision of making St. Charles County “a nationally recognized, most livable community.”

Some of the key issues EDC Partners’ Economy Committee is working on for 2010 include Foreign Trade Zone Status, Target Industries, Seed Funding, Tourism, and Public Policy.

Targeted Industry Studies

One of the strengths of the St. Charles County economy is its diverse business community which includes everything from promising entrepreneurs to international corporations. Since the 1980s, local leaders have been working to grow the number and scope of companies doing business and creating jobs in the area.

EDC Partners’ Economy Committee monitors the health and growth of key business sectors already in the community through “economic gardening” programs and activities. Together they are also working to identify, attract, and foster the success of high growth, emerging industries already in St. Charles County.

Some of these targeted business sectors include Information Technology, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Aerospace/Defense, Advanced Manufacturing, Health Care, Distribution/Warehousing, and Energy.