EDC Success Story: The Aspire Software Company Grows to 25 Employees in Just 3 Years

EDC Success Story: The Aspire Software Company Grows to 25 Employees in Just 3 Years


It’s a pretty standard story around our office:

Two entrepreneurs start a software company, then become tenants in the EDC Business and Community Partners startup facility. Three years later they have grown to 25 employees and graduate into their own office space.

Okay, so that’s actually not the standard story. We’re proud of the many companies who’ve leveraged the resources available at the EDC to build profitable, thriving, job-creating companies. But even among a long list of successful tenants, The Aspire Software Company stands out for its accelerated growth.

Founded in 2014 by Mark Tipton and Kevin Kehoe, the company develops and sells software designed to help landscaping entrepreneurs better manage their businesses and grow their companies. The founders clearly knew what they were doing, and the business boomed.

Today, the company has employees in multiple states, but the bulk of their workforce is in Missouri.

It’s no surprise that Aspire has grown as fast as it has. The company has designed a truly innovative product that helps landscape management and snow removal businesses with everything from invoicing and estimating to sales management, using one of the only CRMs built specifically for this industry. The product allows owners to scale their companies quickly—traditionally a difficult task in the landscaping business.

The Aspire Software Company and its founders saw an opening in the market, leveraged resources available at the EDC, and built a rapidly growing company that continues to add employees and customers, and create opportunities throughout our region (and beyond). In the near future, Aspire plans on releasing the next version of its industry-leading software, and will likely continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Here at the EDC, we are incredibly proud to have played a small role in the early stages of this company’s journey.

“The Aspire team came to our startup facility focused and ready to grow,” said EDC CFO and incubator manager Craig Frahm. “When startups understand the market they’re targeting and recognize an opening in that market, good things can happen. For Aspire that’s a booming business, but for the EDC and the local governments that support the EDC, that success also includes 25 jobs that didn’t exist before. We’re really proud of that, and it’s a great example of what can happen when visionary entrepreneurs and local resources come together.”

You can learn more about the EDC’s startup facility here, and please visit The Aspire Software Company to learn more about one of this region’s fastest growing startups.