The PfP Education Committee, chaired by Randy Schilling, President and CEO of BoardPaq, meets monthly. This active committee is dedicated to improving education in St. Charles County believing that education is the foundation on which a community grows. An area’s education level both directly and indirectly impacts all of the other PfP indicator areas including: economic achievement, health care accessibility and health care accessibility.

Superintendents of the public school districts in the county as well as principals from are private high schools and a representative from The Art Institute of St. Louis, Ranken Technical College – Wentzvill and the St. Charles City-County Library District also participate.

Key education measures include post-secondary education attainment, ACT scores, and Library Quality Index. PfP is focused on supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), activities including robotics, developing school/business partnerships and ACT test scores in the County via the ACT Prep Test Program.


PfP has established a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) initiative to build a more skilled future workforce to combat the current shortage of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math majors and to influence a change in culture for student involvement in STEM activities.

In STEM-related learning, new teaching techniques and innovative technology programs in the regions schools are promoted and supported by PfP. Singapore Math in the Wentzville School District (supported by MasterCard) and in the Orchard Farm School District next year, T3 (Transforming Teaching Through Technology) in the Francis Howell School District, and the Education Foundation promoting local students to teach math and science in the Fort Zumwalt School District are three cutting edge programs implemented by local districts promoting STEM. Learn more at


Robotics is the cornerstone of PfP STEM activities and PfP is committed to supporting robotics teams for middle and high school students. The mission is to inspire young people to be STEM leaders by engaging them in mentor-based programs that foster well-rounded life skills. While athletics competitions are important, robotics gives students a unique opportunity to compete in a “sport of the mind” and acquire team skills.

ACT Prep Scholarships

The PfP ACT Prep Scholarship program provides approximately 300 St. Charles County high school students each year with the opportunity to participate in the Cambridge ACT Prep Class offered by St. Charles Community College. The students participating in the program come from Fort Zumwalt, Francis Howell, Orchard Farm, St. Charles and Wentzville School Districts as well as Christian, Duchesne, Lutheran, and St. Dominic high schools and home-school students.

Citi has partnered with PfP to fund ACT Test Prep scholarships for low income students. Based on results of students participating in the program, the majority of students taking the ACT tested above state and national averages. The program has increased the awareness of the value of the ACT Prep course in preparing for higher ACT scores.

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