Keys to St. Charles County’s Future Growth

by Christine Zika

In 2016, the St. Charles County EDC Business and Community Partners commissioned MarksNelson, a Kansas City based CPA firm, to conduct a Key Industry Study.

air-plane-659687Through their filtering process, MarksNelson discovered that St. Charles County would prosper if they targeted three specific industries: Data Centers, Back Office/HQ companies and Automotive and Aerospace Suppliers.

In addition to the three targets, the report stated “The importance of entrepreneurship, innovation, and new business creation is too important to leave out of the report and is considered foundational to the success of all other project targets”

So important, in fact, that the report highly recommended St. Charles County to compete as “the home to companies focused on meeting the future technology integration needs of the automotive and aerospace industries”.

With programs like the EDC Incubator and OPO Start-Up Incubator already in place, the consultants noted that St. Charles County has a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem and a unique clustering of automotive and aerospace suppliers.