Making Ideas Possible: Inventor Forge Maker’s Space

“The highest form of research is essentially play.” Neville V. Scarfe “Play is Education”, 1962

Making stuff is cool.  And as it turns out, learning to make stuff is how humans learn.

thegrip-march-20175Add that to a community environment where ideas are shared, discussed, argued and put into action and you have a center of discovery and innovation.

Inventor Forge is just that place where a community can play with machinery until their idea becomes a productive, possible important, object.

Now with a location at the EDC, members have access to 3-D printers, laser cutters and electronic work benches.  Members who are knowledgeable on how to use these machines and assist with innovation and problem solving is happening here.

In less than a year, Inventor Forge members have made everything from vertical wall hanging chess boards, butter dishes designed to keep butter at the optimum temperature, an outdoor sign that turns on when members are using the space and a security system for all members which uses WI-FI and QR Codes.

Inventor Forge invites you to come play to learn with them.  Join them Thursday nights at their Jungermann location, where they open their doors to the community to explore making stuff that is just plain cool.

For more information contact Larry Brown at or George Fetters at