Mixing it up….Housing Style!

Mixing it up….Housing Style!

St. Charles County EDC gregco-prairie-fireBusiness and Community Partners’ Quality of Place Committee recently visited several mixed-use developments across the Kansas City metropolitan area, to learn what works in communities that appeal to both Millennials and Baby Boomers.

The committee is moving forward in its advocacy of mixed-used development, as recommended by the Placemaking Study commissioned by the committee from Development Strategies, Inc., in 2014-15.   Local successful mixed-used developments, such as the Streets of St. Charles, indicates there is an appetite for developments which can attract younger people and families, while appeal to retirement-age residents.

This exploratory visit provided the committee information about the wide range of mixed-use developments and how several different types of developments within one community, can thrive by focusing on different market segments.

“St. Charles County has approximately 400,000 residents and will likely add 80,000 more people in the next few years. We have a growing number of Millennials, young families, and Baby Boomers who like the idea of communities where their living spaces, offices, restuarants and entertainment are all within walking distance,” said St. Charles County EDC CEO Greg Prestemon. “Developments like the ones we visited in Kansas City—and The Streets of St. Charles—provide those opportunities.”

In the coming months, the committee will continue to explore the concept of mixed-use developments and looks forward to working with the county and municipalities to create the type of living spaces needed to attract and retain talented people for one of the state’s strongest economies.