Showcasing St. Charles County’s Workforce through Certification

Showcasing St. Charles County’s Workforce through Certification

by  Christine Zika

As Economic Development and Workforce Development become more tightly woven, the EDC Business and Community Partners recognizes that our County must do everything it can to showcase the talent pool that we have to attract businesses to our area. We feel very strongly that the Certified Work Ready Communities program is one of the clearest paths to achieve that goal.

The Certified Work Ready Communities program and certification is backed by the International Economic Development Council as well as the Missouri Partnership, Missouri Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce.

As important as this is for St. Charles County, there is a clear correlation between it’s importance in economic development to the importance in the life of the individual who obtains this credential.

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to college but in no way should that be the only way employers evaluate the skill sets of an individual. Statistics show that the job categories that will have the most growth will be those in the middle skill level. Through Work Keys Assessment in the areas of Applied Math, Information Location and Reading/Comprehension, a National Career Readiness Certificate can be the evaluation that helps an individual go from minimum wage to a job that will better support their family.

We are asking for your support in two ways: 1.) That as an employer that you support the Work Ready Communities and the NCRC and 2.) that you help us spread the word to the individuals that will benefit the most from having a credential.


Interested in more information? Contact Christine Zika, Director of Business Development, at 636-229-5277.