The Future’s So Bright, We Need Shades!

The Future’s So Bright, We Need Shades!

ranken-photoFor years, Randy Schilling as the Chair of the Partners’ Education Committee, has been advocating for STEM education in our county schools at all levels.  “The future belongs to those who are trained in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,” said Schilling.  On April 28, more than 35 of St. Charles County’s civic, and educational leaders heard first-hand from area business professionals on how their companies utilize STEM skills, and what they forecast as their future needs.

Presentations covered a wide range of subjects, including the role the county could play in developing the private space travel industry.

“Not to be corny, but space really is the final frontier,” said Chris Seyer, president of St. Peters-based aerospace engineering firm Seyer Industries. “Graduates who leverage their STEM skills to work in the aerospace industry will be part of some really amazing work, including the development of privatized space travel.”

Private space travel was just the beginning. Presentations by leadership from Charter Spectrum, Conext VR, Enterprise Holdings, SSM Healthcare, and Seyer Industries covered everything from medical science to drone technology to virtual reality.

“The iPhone came out ten years ago,” said BoardPaq founder and CEO Randy Schilling, who facilitated the event and serves as Chair of the EDC Partners’ Education Committee. “Think of how much the world has changed during the last decade, and how much it will change in the decade ahead. All that change means a labor force that needs a strong technological skillset. I’m proud of the way this county has made a commitment to STEM education, and it’s one reason we were named one of the 25 best places to start a technology company.”

The event concluded with a tour of Ranken Technical College’s Wentzville campus, which began operating in 2013. The campus is an example of Ranken’s century-old dedication toward training graduates that enter the workforce with an exceptional number of job opportunities.

“Currently, we have five well-paying job opportunities for every graduate,” said Jeremy Sutton, Ranken Wentzville’s site director. “That’s unheard of, and we are incredibly proud of that number.”

The future really does belong to those with STEM skills.