The Proof is in the Pudding (or the $15,000,000 in business loans)

The Proof is in the Pudding (or the $15,000,000 in business loans)

Named this year’s #1 Certified Development Company in the Eastern Missouri region by the SBA (interpretation: super amazing job at financing the most loans), the EDC Finance team will close 17 loans totaling over $15,000,000 in project costs by July. Over half of these loans are for businesses right here in St. Charles County. From childcare centers to hotels to restaurants, businesses are supported and growing in St. Charles County thanks to our 504 loan program.

Our team empowers local businesses through long-term fixed rates and low down payments on things like building costs, equipment, or refinancing. Business owners are often restricted in growth because of high down-payments or increasing interest rates – through our relationships with local banks, we come alongside as a partner to close the gap between dream and reality.

Congratulations to our team – Mark Diliberto, Jeremy Fettig, Debbie Wissmann, Steve Callow, and Amy Gordon!


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