We Are Racking Up the Best Places to Live in St. Charles County

In the Midwest, we’re supposed to be humble and not tell the world about how amazing we are. It’s a great quality, but one I’m going to abandon in this post.


Because the communities of St. Charles County are being recognized for what they are: some of the best, safest, most amazing places in the country to call home.

In the past month:

  • St. Peters, Missouri, was ranked by Money magazine as the 15th Best Place to live on their list of 100 Best Places to Live.
  • O’Fallon, Missouri, was ranked by Money magazine as the 42nd Best Place to live on their list of 100 Best Places to Live.
  • O’Fallon (#3) and St. Charles (#10), Missouri, were both ranked on Smart Asset’s list of Top 10 Cities to Raise a Family.
  • St. Charles was profiled as a great place to visit by USA Today.

All that recognition by the national media literally happened in the past month.

Apparently, the media has understood something the residents of our county have known for a long time: This is a great place to live. Contrary to what anyone may think of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, there are great communities throughout this region. Literally, several of these communities (like St. Peters, St. Charles, O’Fallon, and Wentzville) consistently rank as some of the best communities in the entire nation to raise a family, build a home, or even start a tech company.

We just have a hard time saying those things in the Midwest. We have a hard time telling people that we’re doing a great job. Our hesitancy to define ourselves as amazing can sometimes lead to people defining our community or region for us, often based on just part of a complicated story.

Like the kids say, “Not today, son.”

Or at least not in this blog.

Today we’re going to tell you what a good job the leaders, businesses, and educators of this region are doing in their effort to create great communities.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. You don’t even have to take another resident’s word for it.

You can ask Money, Smart Asset, or USA Today, and they’ll tell you:

St. Charles County is a great place to live, and it’s one of the reasons you should change the way you view the St. Louis region.