Where Are You Going to Be a Year from Now? Conquering the World, from St. Charles County.

by Greg Prestemon

If you’re an entrepreneur, where do you want to be one year from today?

I can tell you where you don’t want to be:

Looking back, wondering how you could have let a whole year pass before you started turning your dreams into reality.

Over the past 24 years, as CEO and President of the St. Charles County EDC Business and Community Partners, I’ve seen hundreds of entrepreneurs start businesses. Every one of those businesses was a success—even if they ultimately closed their doors.

Even when those doors closed, the entrepreneurs who kept them open—if only for a time—learned something about business, life, and themselves. They took those lessons to another business as a better leader, or they took the lessons they learned and came up with a new idea that worked.

One hundred percent of the entrepreneurs I’ve known who’ve made the leap are a success.

When you take a chance on yourself, you simply can’t fail.

The act of believing you have the power to change your own destiny, that you control your future, becomes a habit. It’s a habit you’ll take to your next venture. It’s a habit you’ll take to your personal life.

It’s a habit you’ll pass down to your children.

In St. Charles County, we take pride in believing in people who believe in themselves. That’s why we provide innovative resources for entrepreneurs, like the EDC Incubator, OPO Startups, and a variety of lending programs and funding mechanisms.

It’s also why we don’t let divisive national politics stop us from making a difference in our communities, and why we support entrepreneurs and innovators who call this county home. At the EDC, and across this county, I’ve seen our staff, elected officials, and community leaders go out of their way to help local entrepreneurs succeed. Sometimes that help comes in the form of guiding a new entrepreneur through the lending process. Sometimes that helps comes from one of our staff members pouring their heart and soul into helping an EDC or OPO tenant succeed.

Often that helps comes from an established business or entrepreneur choosing to partner or collaborate with a brand-new business. It’s like a business form of paying it forward, and every time I see that happen (and I see it a lot) it makes me so proud to be a part of this community.

That’s just how we do things here.

So, don’t waste this year. Don’t wait another 365 days before you decide to make the leap and take control of your destiny as an entrepreneur.

You have everything you need to succeed here in St. Charles County:

The only way you can fail is by never taking the leap.

So take it.

Make 2017 your year.

And make St. Charles County your place.

Greg Prestemon is President and CEO of the St. Charles County EDC Business and Community Partners.